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"I was very nervous about meeting the Queen. We had to rehearse every detail. No low-cut dresses, no black,because only the Queen can wear black. All sorts of silly stuff. And as we were about to meet the Queen I rushed to one of the dressing rooms, the ladies’ dressing room, to check if my make-up was all right. And who do I see? Marilyn! So there we were powdering our noses looking at each other, saying "hello-hello". I really saw her close up. She was ravishing, as cute as anything in that little dressing room in Buckingham Palace, just before meeting the Queen. It was the only time I saw Marilyn and I will always remember it. I find her wonderful. She’s a woman who was exploited, whom no one understood. I think that’s what eventually killed her. I think she was very vulnerable behind her sexy looks. She was so incredibly lovely, like a… baby. She was fresh, beautiful and pure, and very touching with her vulnerability. And I believe the people who surrounded her probably destroyed her. I feel great affection for Marilyn Monroe. I was never influenced by her because I always thought I was so inferior to her. So I found it impossible to emulate her." - Brigitte Bardot (x)

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